Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walking Down the Musical Memory Lane

Today I caught myself drifting down memory lane. I was listening to The Carpenters and began to think of the last time I blasted them from my stereo. I was packing up my apartment in Portland. This made me think about how much music influences our lives. Certain songs seem to bring back memories of good times. Every time I hear "Under the Boardwalk" I remember being with my dear friend Lana visiting her parents. Her father woke us up for church that Sunday morning by blasting that song from the stereo. What a crazy way to wake up, but it put us in a good mood. When I hear the Beach Boys, I remember driving with my old roommate down the coast highway in Oregon. We had the top off of the Samauri and the wind blowing in our hair, we laughed as we sang at the top of our lungs and drove through the beach towns of the Oregon Coast. Music sure does bring back memories. I can't help to think of cruises when I here salsa or merengue ... that music just gets my blood flowing and you might catch me on the dance floor.... As I drift back in to my walk down the musical memory lane, a calming effect comes around and the nuicances around me seem to disappear -- even the one's that are so loud it takes a high volume on my ipod to block out!

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