Saturday, January 19, 2008


Wow! It snowed in Alabama today! It's funny how that brought out the excitement in me, you see I am NOT a cold weather person and I prefer the kind of snow I can visit. I have to admit though snow is so pretty when it falls and there is nothing like being the first one to walk through the pristine white covering. Although our snow did not last long, it was just enough to play a little and get my feel of it. Today's snow was the perfect kind for snow balls. My dog Halle is 5 and she never experienced snow until today. She was so funny, she seemed to like it at first, but then she realized how cold it is and ran back to the house. Curosity couldn't keep her away from the snow -- it was so cute. This brings so many memories of getting my sled and meeting my friends on the big hill in our neighborhood in Germany. We would all pile on the sled and try our best to steer it away from potential accidents. It is so amazing we all survived those days. We had a hill that was about 4 or 5 stories steep and it you aimed just right you could make the sled go all the way past the bottom and through a hole in the hedges that separated us from the farmer's field. There was always the rush that we may not make the right turn and end up in a pile of bodies under the branches of the hedge. We never worried about concussions, didn't have to be strapped in or wear helmets and goggles, just had plain old free fun. Laying down on the Red Ryder sled with my hands at the wooden handled that controlled my destiny, it was envigorating as the rush came over me and the chill on my cheeks from the artic air. There was always the loud cheers each time someone had a successfull trip. It never took much to get us to go back to the top of the hill and start all over again. Sometimes we could even coax a parent or two tear down that hill. At the end of the day, we would all go home frozen and of course be welcomed by our mother with at great cup of hot chocolate and marshmellows, full of questions and curiosity about the day of sledding -- which was relived in exciting stories of successful feats.

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